FaT Samba

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Samba WhistlewhistleA colourful plastic whistle on a cord. It has three different tones. Played by the leader to signal when he is going to change the rhythm or instrument(s) playing. Also used to count-in a groove or fill, or to give different instructions to the different sections in the band.
Agogoagogo Twin hand-held bells struck with a stick.
TamborimtamborimHand-held 6" single sided drum, struck with a special flexy stick.
RepiniquerepiniqueVery loud high-pitched drum, played with sticks or nylon wands. 12" head diameter. This drum usually plays the calls for the grooves. Can be played with one stick and one hand.
Caixacaixa A Brazilian snare drum, 12" head diameter, with two or three pairs of guitar strings for snares and played with the snares on top.
Low Surdo No.1cuica20" or 22" head diameter. The largest and lowest pitched surdo bass drum.
Medium Surdo No.2medium surdo18" head diameter. The middle sized and middle pitched bass drum.
High Surdo No.3high surdo 16" head diameter. The smallest, and highest pitched surdo drum. More complex to play than the other surdo drums.
Chocalho shakerchocalhoLoud shaker. A rectangular frame holding rows of mini cymbals.
ShekereshekereA hollow gourd shaker with beads. Used in maracatu rhythms
CowbellcowbellHand-held, played with a stick.
GongueGongueGiant loud cowbell, Played with a stick, mostly for Maracatu grooves.