FaT Samba

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Committee Members

Chair Paula Churcher
Admin, Bookings and Webmaster Andy Paterson andy
Treasurer and Gigs Co-ordinator Sylvie Poulton sylvie
Musical Director Chris Jones chrisj

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We are a band with between fifteen and twenty five performers, playing (loud) lively percussion tunes with a Samba influence.
We play at :
Carnival processions and parades on the Island, but also on the mainland,
Village fetes and shows,
Community events,
Charity events,
Weddings, celebrations.
We do interactive sessions at many of the fetes and shows, where members of the audience are invited to have a go at playing a drum, and learn a simple groove.

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Platform One brought samba to Isle of Wight  in 2003, introducing many to the exciting carnival rhythms of Brazil. Many locals  joined the developing band and in 2005 the band started to become self-autonomous and named themselves FaT Samba, (Freshwater and Totland). We are a community based band, of all ages, and create a loud and vibrant atmosphere wherever we play.

The ethos that we have always adhered to is in perfect keeping with the Brazilian spirit – The music is central to the band and we are open to others joining in, (a samba band would traditionally parade through the streets and people would join in along the route). We all have our individual styles and this uniqueness is what makes Fat Samba special. We are seen as an open band that welcomes others.

For gigs there is a dress code of plain red top half including a red headdress and white bottom half.
Occasionally this may change, for example, at Mountbatten Hospice Gigs we wear yellow tops.
FaT Samba fabric logos are also available to sew onto any plain red tops you may have. £1 each - first one free!

When you first join the band you may feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, but with time you’ll begin to feel the grooves and playing along will become a lot easier. Please ask for help if you feel you are drowning, or have not understood what the band leaders are explaining. We want to help you become part of our band and it is important that you feel you are able to ask for help!

Ear protection must be worn during each practice session and during performances. Ear plugs are provided free of charge, by the band.  Better earplugs are available at approx £10 a pair - e.g. ER20.  We don’t wear our “uniform” at rehearsals.

This website has its own members section which aims to help members learn the grooves and keep them informed about oncoming events, socials, etc. Please ask Andy Paterson, our site’s webmaster, if you need any help with the site.
We play many grooves, some of which have been recorded and these are available on the member's section on the website or YouTube.
If you do not have access to the internet please let Andy know and he can provide you with a printed copy of our gig lists and newsletters.

The cost per rehearsal session is £4. Uni Students and Under 18's are £1 each. The first rehearsal attended is free, and you can try out any instrument ( subect to availability ).
Under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult throughout the rehearsal and at events. The subs, along with performance fees, pay for the band’s instruments, their repairs, hall hire, insurance, and socials, etc.

As a band we aim to use the winter months to practice our grooves and learn new ones, ready for the summer season, when we unleash them upon the Island! With this in mind, we loan out the instruments to band members, to take home. To borrow an instrument, please see a committee member and you will be asked to fill in a loan form. There is some storage of spare instruments at the hall.

We are fortunate to have Chris Jones as our Music Director. Chris plays in several Island bands and has led us now for many years. You may, initially, be confused by many of his hand signals, but stick with it and all will become clear in good time.

 Any questions - please feel free to ask.
May your time with Fat Samba be exciting, challenging and rewarding! You’ll know when you’re hooked, when everyone around you tells you to stop tapping!